SYSTEMA is the synergy of three components that create a TRUE WARRIOR – Combat Skill, Strong Spirit and Healthy Body.

This ancient Russian Martial Art, that only in recent years became known as SYSTEMA, is the most battle-tested fighting system in the world. Previously classified and used exclusively as the foundation for training some of Russia’s most Elite Special Operation Units.

SYSTEMA absorbed all the unique principles from Russia’s thousand year old native martial heritage. Its origins and essence lie in deep traditions of Warrior culture, based on strength, righteousness and humility.

SYSTEMA is not a combination of moves and techniques from other styles, but rather a holistic and highly effective system, applicable not just in combat, but also in day-to-day life.

SYSTEMA is a complete set of concepts and components that enhance one’s system and ability to perform in extreme conditions. Skills are forged through scientifically researched training methodology for the ultimate development of the practitioner; physically, psychologically and spiritually.

SYSTEMA does not advocate the destruction of others, unless there is absolutely no other way.

“Systema has no limitations, except moral ones.”

“Hard in training, easy in battle” – A Suvarov

The objective is not only to offer a very effective form of combat and self-protection, but also consistent and efficient education on personal health, self-discipline and a highly moral and spiritual lifestyle.

The unique Russian SYSTEMA training has no belts, no rituals, no set kata’s (forms) and no ridged techniques. Students with all levels of experience train and grow together. Practitioners learn all aspects of combat, against single or multiple attackers, with and against any types of conventional or improvised weapons.

The authentic Russian KETTLEBELLS are an integral part of the physical conditioning in Warrior training. This centuries old native tool is still revered by the Russian Special Operations Units, as one of the most effective and preferred training choices. Correct application increases muscular strength, endurance and coordination. Kettlebells greatly improve the cardiovascular system, normalize blood pressure and drastically reduce buildup of cholesterol. They have also been attributed to boosting the immune system, lowering the effects of stress, assisting with rehabilitation from old injuries, illnesses and trauma. According to Dr Patric Roth MD (one of the top neurosurgeons in the world today) “Kettlebells are the best instruments to treat back pains! They not only strengthen the back, but also improve patient’s posture and correct body form”.

Russian traditional stick massage and joint manipulation, relief of musculoskeletal pain, unlocking joints eg. stiff neck/acute back sprains and improving joint range of motion, are all an intrinsic part of the holistic system that we teach.

The Warrior School is founded by Vadim Dobrin who was introduced to martial arts at the age of five by his father, an officer in the Soviet Military. He has had the privilege of learning from many Masters in different martial disciplines, some available only to select personnel. Vadim‘s martial art training helped him in being selected, during his military service, into one of the elite airborne units. He achieved black belt level in several forms of Martial Arts. He became associated with Systema through Mikhail Ryabko and Vladimir Vasiliev, both of whom he considers to be the most influential people and Instructors in his life.

At present, Vadim Dobrin is the Chief Instructor at Systema Southern Africa and Warrior School and the official Representative of Systema – Russian Combat System and Association of Russian Native Combat Arts – in Africa. He is also the founder of CQCIA (Close Quarter Combat International Alliance), affiliated to Systema Vasiliev ( and Systema Ryabko (


CLASSES – Monday to Saturday

SYSTEMA South Africa HQ
Northgate Mall, C/O Northumberland Road & Olievenhout Avenue, Northriding, JHB
GPS Coordinates: S26* 03.499 E27* 56.864 | CLICK HERE FOR MAP


CLASSES – Saturday morning

Age 7 to under 14 years old.


CLASSES – Monday & Wednesday

Participants with prior military experience (by invitation only).


Private, small group and one-on-one lessons at Systema SA HQ through booking.


Self awareness, personal protection and comprehensive Systema training.


VADIM DOBRIN +27 82 460 3289 |

Systema has a vast network of affiliate schools and instructors across the world. &
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